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Sehubabe in 3 words rather than in 2: Tees, Blog and Creation

The basic principle of Sehubabe is to organise a gathering of people around 3 main sections:

1/ The store … is both the primary and the secondary space in a sense that its existence is entirely related to the Blog and the Sharing Space. This section is an open window on Sehubabe, the spot where the burning creativity of the Sharing Space and the movements from the Blog materialize under the form of exhibition of collector T-shirts sold in limited editions.

2/ The Blog … is the societal space of Sehubabe.com. It is the forum where can be found rebels from Tatarstan as well as adulators of god Pan, but also the fans of the French crooner Francis Lalanne. Here rude people shall not be forbidden, however sharing unreasonable ideas, esoteric opinions and improbable projects is more than supported.

3/ The Sharing Space … is the space for you! You who someday got the thriving desire to graphically illustrate (**):
- something that you found was unbearably discriminatory…
- something which symbolises your deepest values…
- something that turns you on…
- something you don’t really have a clue what it is, but you bloody like it, god damn it…
- the turgescent limb of the person of your dreams…
(**) cross off the useless mentions

… and to modestly wear it as a graft tissue would suit you. In the Sharing Space, you upload your design and the plebs of Sehubabe decides of its fate by voting.


The Blog doesn't work and I don’t see any Sharing Space?!

Don’t worry, it will come soon. Be patient little lamb of god…


Alright, your t-shirts are quite crazy, rather disturbing….what’s the brand again?

American Apparel, good heavens! … www.americanapparel.net . We could discuss for a decade the reasons for love at first sight between AA and Sehubabe. Let us be brief, here are the facts:
- T-shirts with unique shape and of great quality
- T-shirts made out of flexible and soft cotton
- A young and dynamic company
- A visionary and nonconformist brand
- Values of sustainable development
- T-shirts made in dignity, manufactured according to fair trade principles
- …
More info...


Cool concept. And where do the designs come from?

Currently, the designs you’ll find on the website are all made by independent local graphic designers. Until the Sharing Space can be launched, those graphic designers are all persons close to Sehubabe (How lucky huh?!).
Yet Sehubabe doesn’t allow any space for discrimination: no need to be a graphic designer to submit your graphic projects. The idea is to involve as many people as possible from all around the world. No matter if the visual comes from the back of a drawer or if it comes out of a new Mirò’s pen, as long as the Sehubabe community likes the design.  
Finally, if you don’t feel like waiting for the Sharing Space to be launched and if you’re scorched by the desire to send one of your graphic projects to Sehubabe:  graftissue@sehubabe.com. We will have a chat together about the possibility to print your design on a t-shirt.


I’ve found a t-shirt that suits me. Very briefly, how do I place my order?

1 – You make sure which size will suit you the best: check here
2 – You check if the t-shirt of your heart is available in stock   
3 – You add it to your cart
4 – Once you think you’re done shopping, you click on your cart. There you have the option to add or remove any items you want.
5 – As soon as you’re ready to order, you validate and follow the 3 steps coming to you: you enter your shipping info, you give your billing info and finally you confirm.


How about the payment? Is it secure?

To pay for your order, you are offered several payment modes, all very secure, tailored to your preferences and adapted to your means:
- Pay with credit cards in any currency: American Express
- Pay with credit cards, only in euro: Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard
- Pay with a cyber account: Paypal (More info…)
- Pay with Bancontact/Mistercash, for Belgium only (More info…)

The security of transactions and confidentiality of all banking information are guaranteed by our payment intermediary (Ogone), which is the unique interface with all the payment modes available on Sehubabe.com.


I’ve got a special coupon. How do I use it?

Easy: when you get to the validation step of your order, Sehubabe will ask you if you have any special coupon. At that precise stage, if you enter the code written on your coupon you’ll take advantage of a special offer.


Why are some t-shirts out of stock?

Sehubabe actually manufactures all its models in limited quantity for mainly 2 reasons:
1 – Far from all industrial logic and from mass standardisation, Sehubabe wants to guarantee you a collector effect: no more than 100 t-shirts per model.
2 – One basic principle of Sehubabe is to give a chance to a maximum of people to concretise their graphic projects rather than persistently printing the same designs again and again.

However, even the bests may be wrong: if by any chance Sehubabe makes a mistake in assessing the available quantity of a model that definitely makes you shiver, you can ask for a reprint (reprint@sehubabe.com).


Will I be charged the delivery costs?

Yep! The delivery costs are all yours. Yet Sehubabe opted for the cheapest delivery mode. Those costs will be automatically calculated based upon the delivery country and the number of t-shirts ordered. In other words here's the tip of the day: group the shots and order together to limit the cost per item.

If you wanna have a clue of how much you’ll be charged, here’s a table that summarises it all (average price per region):

# T-shirts
1 to 2
3 to 5
6 to 10
10 +
2,90 €
6,30 €
7,56 €
9,20 €
European Union
5,76 €
9,60 €
14,74 €
18,80 €
Rest of the world
6,19 €
11,81 €
20,53 €
28,45 €


There you go, I’ve placed my order. By the way how long am I gonna have to wait until I get to graft myself the ordered Sehubabe?

Well, not quite complex: where do you wanna get them?

Area Delivery time
Belgium 3 to 4 Days
Benelux (Outside Belgium) 4 to 6 Days
EU (Outside Benelux) 8 to 12 Days
Rest of Europe, USA, Mediterranean basin 10 to 14 Days
Rest of the World 14 to 21 Days


I’ve just received a pack stamped with Sehubabe logo, but what the hell, there’s something wrong with my order…

As a person of law, you will certainly have noticed in the general terms and conditions that Sehubabe offers you some guarantees:

- Whether you really don’t like the t-shirt, or the size is not the good one. In that case, you are given 14 days to send it back to us. You may then exchange it or ask to get your money back. Please note that this return is at your own expense.
- Or Sehubabe made a mistake. In that case, in addition to apologies, you are given 14 days to send the order back to us, but this time all expense are on Sehubabe.


I’ve got one more detailed question regarding a future order, the t-shirt I’ve just received, the Vatican holiday policy, the tamils separatists, etc.

info@sehubabe.com an email and bingo! Sehubabe answers you within 48 hours (quicker than Reader’s Digest).


Who is really Jean Claude Vandamme?

Man if only we knew…